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Mike & Marty Schmit

2017 Davenport Council Members

4 - Doug & Gail
11 - Doug & Gail
18 - Carol & Jerome
25 -

4 - Gail T
11 - Gail T
18 - Gail T
25 - Gail T

2017 Norman Council Members

The congregational constitution and bylaws are 15 (Davenport) and 16 (Norman) years old. Over that period of time, the recommended “model” constitution provided by the ELCA has been modified several times. The parish council had determined that our respective constitutions and bylaws should be amended and brought into conformity with the Model Constitution for Congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as most recently amended by the Churchwide Assembly. Following the Model Constitution helped to underscore our congregation's recognition of its unity and inter-relationship with the Eastern ND Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as a whole.

The first vote to approve the constitution and bylaws took place during our annual meetings in January 2016. The Eastern North Dakota Synod reviewed and approved. The second vote for final approval took place during our annual meetings in January 2017. Norman's annual meeting was held January 15 and Davenport’s annual meeting was held January 22. Both meetings were held immediately following the 11:00 am worship service. Votes in both churches passed to approve the constitution and bylaws.

Davenport Lutheran - Constitution

Norman Lutheran - Constitution

Note: both congregation and parish bylaws have been incorporated into the provisions of the constitution that pertain to the same matter for clarity in use and can be identified as follows:

C8.02.01 – “C8” refers to the Chapter - in this instance Chapter 8 Membership; “02” refers to the Constitutional provision - Classification of members; “01” refers to the bylaw related to membership.


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