Feedback Requested - Future Parish Worship Times

The subject of the monthly alternating of parish worship times was discussed at the last parish council meeting. The parish council would love the input of both congregations on the idea of, as a trial, not alternating worship times from September-December 2017. The idea is that not alternating every month is more welcoming to visitors, and even for members, in knowing when each church’s service will take place. In order to continue to be fair in terms of early vs. late worship, the council is considering alternating the times every year. However, in order to see how each congregation feels about a set time, the council’s thought is to have set worship times for both congregations for the months of September through December 2017, and then discussing how it went at the Annual Meeting in January to determine if the congregations wish to continue with the change. Please talk with your respective council members or Pastor Laura and share any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this idea.


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