Monday, January 26, 2015


WELCOME Pastor Dana and Lynda to the Norman Davenport Parish Family! We are blessed to have you with  us!

February Family Sunday

Family Sunday is February 1 at Davenport at 9:45. Guest speaker will be Mrs. North Dakota International 2015, Erin Bertel. You may have seen the article in the December 28 Fargo Forum regarding her providing hope to the homeless through donations of socks.

The Sunday School will also be sponsoring a Sock Drive to benefit the homeless. The best kind of socks to donate are men's tube socks because they don't have a heel so anyone of any age can wear them. There will be a basket set up at each church for your donations.

Just a reminder that Family Sunday's are not just for families with kids in Sunday School Family Sunday's are for EVERYONE in our congregations. All are welcome! Come hear Erin's story. Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kindred, Finally!

An essay by Lynda Steinwand
We finally made it to Kindred, YAY!!  I have 2 observations; moving is hard work, and I hate it.  Anyway.  We were originally going to leave on Thursday after the movers left.  We forgot to plan on the fact that about 20 % of our stuff didn’t fit on the truck (we were warned that might be a possibility) and that moving is hard work!  Dana had planned on getting a trailer from uHaul, but the lights on our 4-runner would not make the trailer lights work and it would have necessitated major surgery (on the 4-runner) to get it fixed.  So on Friday, Plan G, Dana went to rent a uHaul truck and car towing gizmo.  Truck was in Sioux Falls, gizmo was in Brandon (about 10 miles away).  Got uhaul came home, started loading the truck, with the help of our angel of mercy, Lyle O’Donnell (we never would have gotten stuff packed if not for him….thank you!)  This is Friday.  We did get truck loaded, but it was around 5 pm and driving up there at that point would have been foolhardy, so we went to visit our beloved friend Lena, and had dinner with our beloved friends, Don and Sue (who also were an immense help with loading….thank you!)  Saturday comes, we get up finish packing and saying some sad goodbyes, load 4 confused and annoyed animals into the two vehicles and take off.  This is about noon.  We get to Brandon where the car gizmo is, and it is at a combination uHaul rental/accessory boutique.  There is a very nice woman named Jo who helped us, but apparently had never hooked and car towing thingy up.  But she did show us this lovely YouTube video that told us everything we needed to know about connecting an apparatus capable of carrying a full sized sedan over 200 miles.  So Dana and I proceeded to hook it up…really…I am not making this up.  We leave Brandon to go BACK to Sioux Falls where our car was and about halfway there I notice sparks coming from the front of the trailer.  I thought a safety chain had come loose, but then I see the trailer swaying back and forth alarmingly (we are on a 3 lane federal highway BTW), and realize that the hitch came off of the ball when Dana hit a bump in the road.  A Good Samaritan was also telling Dana this (as we are going down said federal highway), so Dana pulls off the highway and parks on the sholder of the exit ramp from 229 South exiting onto Louise Avenue.  You know that law in South Dakota where you are supposed to pull into the left lane if you see someone pulled over?  Don’t you believe it.  So Dana gets out of the uHaul, and walks back to me ON THE DRIVER’S SIDE! come talk to me.  I yell at him, GET ON THE OTHER SIDE and he’s yelling at me QUIT YELLING AT ME.  Anyway, he gets in the 4-runner with me, I explain to him WHY he isn’t going back out there to try to get the trailer reattached to the truck, and I call my friend Jo at Brandon uHaul.  I explain the situation, she suggests calling the uHaul emergency road service and says, ‘Sorry about that’   No more brownie points for Jo. 
A wonderful, amazing, sweet, helpful man named Randy, from a local tow service comes out in 10 minutes and gets us put back together.  We leave for the OTHER uHaul place that has our car, get the car loaded on and are on our way.  We finally made our way to Kindred (it takes a little longer when you are only going 60 mph…these highways are all 75 mph speed limits….i think a few people were probably a little annoyed with us).  We pulled into the driveway of the parsonage and Beulah from the church just happened to be there to meet us.  We got in the house, noticing all the wonderful painting and cleaning and updating that had been done, and then we get to the kitchen and see that it is stocked with tons of food (meat and cheese, pasta salad, enough chips for the whole church, buns, a box of cleaning essentials, banana bread, some amazing bars, TWO pies, a case of water…it was phenomenal! )  And a very sweet welcome letter from the church. 
We still have a house full of boxes, a trailer full of boxes, and a car and an SUV full of boxes.  But we are home!
Thank you to all the amazing, wonderful people who helped us.  There are so many who offered their time and support and prayers and good wishes, we couldn’t even begin to name them all, but you are all in our hearts and our prayers.  Thanks to Sean and Jimmie, the moving guys, Celeste from uHaul who got the emergency people out, Randy from the tow truck, and every other professional person who helped us along the way.  And thank you to our God!  He gave us great weather, good health, safety, clear roads, wonderful people along the way, a sense of humor, and each other, so we had someone else to yell at (well, it was mostly me yelling at Dana, and what a guy, he never left me behind, well except for that one time, but I knew where he was going, so I was able to track him down lol)  And our thanks to each and every one of our friends and family who have supported us along the way, not just now, but always.  God bless you all.

Davenport's Annual Meeting

Davenport's annual meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 25 following the morning worship service. Service times will switch and Norman will be at 8:30 with Davenport at 11:00. A potluck lunch will follow.

January 25 Worship Times

Just a reminder that worship times will switch on Sunday, January 25. Norman will have the 8:30 service and Davenport will be at 11:00.

January Youth Group Activity

The youth group will be going bowling on Sunday, January 25. We will leave from the Davenport Church at 1:30 pm. The cost will be covered by the youth group and includes 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental, pizza and pop. Please RSVP to either Kristina Leslie, Lannette Christmann, or Dawn Thompson by Sunday, January 18. We need to know how many to expect so that we have enough drivers.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Norman's Annual Meeting

Norman's annual meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 18 following the morning worship service. A potluck lunch will follow.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Annual Report Deadlines

Information for the annual reports should be sent to Kristina Leslie at

Norman's deadline - January 11
Davenport's deadline - January 18

January Acolyte Schedule - Norman

January 11 at 11:00 - Anna Berg & Deidre Braaten
January 18 at 11:00 - Sean & Tyler Maddock
January 25 at 8:30 - Deidre Braaten & Hope Rohrbeck - NOTE TIME CHANGE