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Davenport Annual Dinner

Davenport Lutheran Church Sunday, April 6 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM Davenport Community Center (old school) MENU: ~Beef Sirloin Tips~ ~Grilled Chicken Breast~ Baked Potato Vegetable Salads Bars – Buns – Beverage Adults: $9 10 & Under: $5 2 & Under: Free Dine In or Carry Out Available

Council Meeting

The next council meeting will be held Wednesday, April 2, following the Lenten service at Norman. The service is at 7:30 pm. Parish council meeting will start immediately following the service. Individual church councils will meet following the parish meeting.

Norman Building Vote - April 6

A vote on this issue will be held after worship services on April 6. There will be time before the vote to answer any questions you may have but if you have questions ahead of time, please contact Dale Torgerson. Please come out on April 6 to vote on this very important issue for the future of Norman Lutheran Church.

Norman Family Sunday - April 6

FAMILY SUNDAY "Quilting"- April 6 - at 9 a.m. at Norman.  ALL AGES welcome to join us for a quilt making experience, featuring our own Norman Quilters and special guest Wesley Nelson, who will share with us how he designs and sews most all of the quilt tops for the Norman Quilters.  Brunch will be served with special recipe egg bakes provided by Eric Berg's family.

Norman Sunday School News - April

1.  First Communion will again be held on Maundy Thursday this year, before the service, for all fifth graders!
Since Davenport/Norman offers communion to all ages, and lets each individual family choose when to accept the bread and wine, we just want to make sure some formal education is offered each year to our congregants.  ALL AGES and families are invited to attend this event, but we are asking that (in keeping with the tradition of our church) we at least have the fifth graders and their families attend.
Thursday, April 17 5:30 -6 p.m.   PIZZA 

6-7:15 p.m.    Pastor Aanen will lead an information session on communion and the Board of Ed will help the families make communion bread to be served during the service

7:30 p.m.       Worship service at Norman this year

More information to come!

2.  Acolytes for April
April 6 - Nick Eggmann and Nic Chase
April 13 - Nick Eggmann and Tyla Maddock
April 20 - USHERS - Easter Sunday
April 27 - Nick Eggmann and Karl Swenson

3.  THANK YOU so much…

Parish Family Fellowship Sunday

Please join us Sunday, March 30 at Davenport for a day of fun and fellowship.

Sunday School Fun will begin at 9:00 am with a Talent Show for our children All are encourage to participate. A light snack will be provided.

The kids will also be singing together in church.

A joint family church service will begin at 10:45. Theme for the day will be "Our Gifts and Talents."

A lunch of scalloped potatoes and ham will be served following the service.

All are welcome! We look forward to spending the day with you.

Call Committee Meeting

The call committee will meet on Wednesday, March 26 after the Lenten service at Davenport.

Survey regarding Sunday School/Youth Group

Dear Members of Davenport-Norman Parish:

Davenport approached Norman about exploring the opportunity to work together with our Sunday School Programs. This would be on a trial basis for a set period of time after which a decision will be made whether or not to continue.
Davenport currently offers Sunday School K-9 and has a smaller attendance. They do have a strong youth group program for the older kids grades 7-12. Norman offers Sunday School through grade 12 and has a larger K-9 attendance per Sunday but currently has no youth group program for the older kids.

The Boards of Education from both Norman and Davenport have met to see what our options are for possibly working together to offer a parish Sunday School and possibly having a joint youth group.

We have compiled a survey to see what you, the parents, want to see happen before we make an official recommendation to our church councils in April. Pastor Aanen had announced in church and the newsletter the possibility of changing our…

Call Committee Meeting

There will be a call committee meeting on Wednesday, March 12 at Davenport following the Lenten service. We have received a list of candidate names the committee needs to review.

Churches United for the Homeless Snack Project

The following note was received from Jen Enquist, the Community Center and Member Relations Director at the Churches United for the Homeless...

Snacks are here! I just have to tell you all, this has been just great. When the snacks come in I always think "whoa boy, where will I put all of this!?" ...and then within a few days I am soooooo thankful I have such a good supply handy. It is such a blessing that we receive them on a regular basis. The bags are handy, fun, tasty and nutritious. Your help is fun, dependable and appropriate; I can't thank you enough.

Mark Your Calendars

A few events to mark on your calendars...

First Communion Class
ALL AGES and families are welcome to attend this event.
Thursday, April 17
5:30-6:00 - pizza
6:00-7:15 - Pastor Aanen will lead an information session on communion and families will make communion bread to be served during the service
7:30 - Maunday Thursday worship service

Community Good Friday Service
Friday, April 18 - 7:00 pm at St. Maurice's in Kindred

Easter Sunrise Worship
Sunday, April 20 - 6:00 am at Davenport

Winter Address Changes

If you were one of the fortunate one's to get out of North Dakota during these cold winter months but did not provide your winter address for the newsletter, they are being returned to sender. These items are not forwarded by the post office. Copies of the newsletters are available to view and/or print on the parish website.