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November 3 - Joint Worship Service

Sunday, November 3, there will only be one morning service at Norman. Norman has invited Davenport to participate in their Scandinavian Heritage Sunday.

This will be fun event for ALL ages!

9:00 am - lefse/krumkake making and a Scandinavian artifact display
10:45 am - joint worship service
Meatball/mashed potato meal with lefse and krumkake for dessert

It will be a busy but fun day!  Hope to see you all there!
If you have any questions, please contact Jen Swenson or Kristina Leslie.

Davenport All Member Meeting

There will be a special meeting held on October 27 following the church service and before the potluck meal. We are asking ALL members to attend this meeting to discuss the future of the church.

Scandinavian Heritage Sunday - Nov. 3

On Sunday, November 3, there will only be one morning service. Norman has invited Davenport to participate in their Scandinavian Heritage Sunday. This will be fun event for ALL ages!

Join us at 9:00 am for lefse/krumkake making; 10:45 am for a joint worship service and a meal to follow the service.

Lefse Making:
3 or so volunteers per church to help oversee this crazy process, mainly the grills
2-3 batches of lefse dough per church, bring already mixed (or at the just add flour stage)
Also in need of the equipment needed to make

still working on this element of the day

Meal: Plan for 75-100

will bring potatoes - can cook at church that morning and mash before church (or we can make ahead; will need to decide)
2 pans of bars
3-5 people in kitchen
If you can help with any of these items, please sign-up at the church or contact Kristina Leslie.

bring meatballs - Bonnie/Carolyn will assign people from Group to bring food
2 pans of bars
pick up corn
3-5 peo…

Call Committee Meeting

Call Committee meeting October 23  7:00–9:00pm at Davenport

Call Committee Members

Parish Members - just a reminder that the Call Committee represents you. Please feel free to provide input or suggestions to any call committee member.

Parish President Mark Kuznia
Norman Council President Eric Berg
Davenport Council President Dean Andvik

Norman Members - Andy Westby, Beulah Rustad, Colton Christmann, Erik Thoen, Paula Duval and Joan Grabanski.

Davenport Members - Jim Jermstad, Tony Johnson, Nancy Ebens, Marty Schmit, Renee Flom and Dennis Sumption.

Welcome to the Newest Member

Last Sunday, September 29, we welcomed Crosby Johnson into the family of Christ through Holy Baptism. Crosby is the son of Amity and Jeremy Johnson. The Johnson's are members at Davenport. Welcome Crosby!

Fields of Faith (youth event)

Fields of Faith Sponsored by Kindred Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Wednesday, October 9 at 7:00pm KHS football field Special Guest: Jordan Peterson The Richland Huddle has also been invited to join the Kindred Huddle for this event. There will be special music, students sharing their testimony along with scripture being read. Goal is to have at least 100 students on the field for this event! Please join them and bring a friend!