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Faith in the summer

Seeing the new life and growth that is around you in the summer.  A person can appreciate the gifts that God has given to them.  Bearing witness to these gifts can often encourage someone to grow in their own faith. 

Sign up for a daily devotional from Luther Seminary, a great way to start each day called:

God Pause

Want to learn more about the books of the Bible, check out the resources on:

Enter the Bible

If you are in need of a Bible, please feel free to take one of the new Bibles that was given to the church as a gift from Luther Seminary and we strive to be a congregation dwelling in God's Word.


If you have not already done so please sign up your child for VBS.  You can sign up too as a volunteer.  We are all Children of God and can share in the lessons and love of God. Sign ups are located at the churches and VBS will be July 22-26 at Kindred Lutheran Church.