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Results of the Vote

As many of you are aware, I was called for a two year term call within this parish.  On May 19th, a vote was held to extend an open ended call to Pastor Nathan.  The result of that was that a call would not be extended, so Pastor Nathan will serve out his term until the end of September.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  
Presidents of Norman and Davenport

A Gift of Bibles

Norman and Davenport Lutheran Church have been given a gift of Bibles for the churches. This gift has been given by Luther Seminary for congregations with a First Call Pastor and are striving to be more Biblically literate.  These Bibles are free for us but are to be used and given away to those who do not have Bibles. We shall pay for the replacement of these Bibles within the pews.  We shall gather together on Wednesday the 29that 2pm at the parsonage. Next Sunday we shall distribute the Bibles into the pews before worship.

Summer Worship hours

Starting next week, we shall begin our summer worship hours with Norman on Sunday at 8:30 am and Davenport on Wednesday at 7 pm.

Bacclearate Service

A reminder to Seniors that Bacclearate is on May 19th, 7pm at St. Maurices. All are welcome to enjoy the service.

Synod Assembly Update 2013

Here is the recap from the 2013 Synod Assembly. Thank you for those who were able to attend, your voice spoke for our parish.

NORMAN Sunday School Survey and Meeting

Dear Grades 9-12 Youth and Parents (this includes students starting 9th grade next fall):

Our council at Norman supports Sunday School for youth 9-12, and we are lucky that we have parents, volunteers and a program in place to make this happen!  We realize that students (and parents) are very busy, so as the Board of Education plans for 2013-14 we would love your feedback to help make the Sunday School youth study experience as exciting and inspiring as possible.

We are conducting the survey for parents and youth to explore topics and curriculum that are most interesting and applicable to students in grades 9-12.  Essentially, what do students want learn about and/or what do parents want them to learn about?  Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will assist us in planning out the schedule for Grades 9-12 next fall.  All answers will be confidential.

Please follow this link to a survey and complete one survey per person (one per student, parents together or one each).  A Facebook and …