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Newsletter Correction

The times for worship were switched.

Davenport is at 9 am
Norman is at 10:45am

The website calendar is correct.


Due to the weather, we have decided to cancel the Ash Wednesday service tonight.

Ash Wednesday

Join us tonight for our Ash Wednesday service at Davenport Lutheran beginning at 7:30pm.


Due to the weather predictions the leaders of both congregations have decided to cancel both worship services and Sunday School. I pray that you enjoy your time together with family. I encourage you to take a moment to share a prayer together and read some Scripture. I will post my sermon so that you can read it if you would like.

Youth Ski Trip

Youth Ski Trip will be on Feb. 16th.  More information and forms are located in the entry way of the church. All area churches are welcome.  Come for a great day to be surrounded by God's creation.

Ash Wednesday Service

Ash Wednesday Services are on Feb. 13th at 7:30pm at Davenport.  This will begin our season of Lent.  This Lenten Season, we shall gather around the meaning and purpose of Forgiveness.

The Story Classes

The Story – Will not meet until after Lent. Continue reading and enjoy the journey. See the calendar for chapters that we are reading each week.