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Reports from the Road and River Committee

2012 Norman Road and River Bank Committee report
Members: Tom Odegaard, Orlan Swenson, Mike Gustafson, Paul Berg, and Hank Trangsrud

Midwest Testing Lab/Terracon (Fargo, ND) submitted their Sheyenne river bank stabilization geotechnical report to Houston Engineering, Inc (Fargo, ND) on November 6, 2012.  The geotechnical report is 51 pages long and will remain on display in the Norman Church Library.  In brief, none of the original stabilization options (including the 78-foot sheet pile option 1 estimated at a cost of $1.7 million) will sufficiently abate the steady regression of the river bank.  A summary from the engineer’s report from lead engineer Rick St. Germain is provided below.

“Houston Engineering recognizes that the erosion of the stream bank will likely proceed at a slow and steady rate as it has in the past.  Maintaining or adding vegetation on the slopes will slow the erosion.  Carful hand placement of riprap to fill holes, gouges or drop-offs …

Family Sunday School

February 3 - FAMILY SUNDAY Making Snack bags for the Churches United, and are in need of the following HEALTHY snack items: pretzels, granola bars, trail mix, raisins, dried fruit, nuts - all kinds, not in the shell, fresh fruit, popcorn
$$ donations are welcome to cover cost of baggies and labels

Men's Group

TO THE MEN OF NORMAN AND DAVENPORT:  Men, I would like to gather all the men together and begin a group.  Our first meeting shall be on February 2nd  at 7:00AM at Norman Lutheran.  There will be a breakfast and discussion.  Come with your ideas, part of our first time gathering will be discussing what it is YOU, the men, would like to do.  I hope you are able to make it.

Delman Bernstein Benefit

Benefit for Delman Bernstein on Saturday, February 2nd from 6 - 10 p.m. at the Davenport Community Center (formerly the Davenport School.) Del will be undergoing major surgery this month and is expected to be away from work for several months.  There will be pulled pork and beef sandwiches, beans, salad, bars and beverage with a free will offering.  There will be raffles, silent auctions and door prizes. Come join us for some food and fun and show your support for Del!

New Directory through LifeTouch

To select your time please click on the church name below.

We have Norman Scheduled for Fri. Feb 15th (2- 9 pm) and Sat. Feb. 16th (10:-4:30 pm) We have Davenport Scheduled for Tues. Feb. 26 (2- 9 pm) and Thurs. Feb. 28th (2-9 pm)
*Members from each congregation can to go to either place *Each family does receive a directory and 8x10 portrait for taking part in the LifeTOuch directory program *Life Touch sends out three phone calls, as a ‘kick off’, as a ‘reminder to schedule’ and as a ‘see you at the church for you picture’ 

Annual Meetings

Annual Meeting for Norman will be held on Sunday, January, 27th following the worship service.

Annual Meeting for Davenport will be held on Sunday, February, 3rd following the worship service.  Also following the meeting will be a potluck dinner. 
Reports for the annual meeting are due on January, 20th.